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Yes, that's me spelunking Marvel Cave deep under Branson, Missouri. Returning from the far side of an underground lake where I had just discovered an uncharted waterfall. During this expedition, I photographed translucent salamanders and fish that had never seen the light of day. I observed their bones as if they were living X-rays. Why? Because PIONEERS DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.  As a leader in Glycoscience research, I have spent decades studying the works of more than 700 M.D.s, PhDs, Scientists, Researchers, and Educators in the fiend of Glycoscience and brain function. I have conducted studies and collaborated with schools, universities, and research labs in several countries. My research began here in the U.S. but I have spoken and gathered data from many countries and islands world-wide. From Amsterdam to Cairo, the Mediterranean to East Africa. The resulting evidence is that Glycoscience is the New Frontier of Medicine. Published peer-reviewed studies and the Glycoscience Whitepaper evidence improved brain function in Alzheimer's patients. Continuing pilot surveys for various other neurodegenerative challenges including Parkinson's, Hungtington's, ALS, Lyme, Autism, and ADHD. As a pioneer in Glycoscience, I passionately envision the field of Quantum Glycoscience as the game changer of medicine and all of healthcare.

The wait is over. Amazon censored and blocked it but the book is a must read.! Shocking and informative, this book will change your mind about what you know about medicine and how it's affecting your health.

The New York Times


The truth is hard to find these days. I didn't know what to believe. My life is forever changed and yours will be too. 

The Washington Post

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